About Us

Welcome to our blog! My family has been eating plant-based and living a vegan lifestyle for about a year now! We love to travel and discover new places. Prior to going on any trip, I look for vegan friendly dining options; however, I often can’t find anything that also relates to families with kids. So here I am!

We are a family of 4 and typically stay in the US but would love to travel the world. Victor travels for work as well and is the master of hotel room hacks and veganizing a dish anywhere he happens to be eating. I (Erin) stay at home with the kids, have a soap making business on the side, and love to do tons of research about our destinations including dining and entertainment options. Ethan is 6 years old, is always curious, and can be quite picky. Sienna is 4 years old, has no fear, is not picky at all and eats all of the food. 

We are so excited to share our tips, adventures and dreams with you!