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8-day Norweigian Cruise with Kids (Part 2)

We went on a cruise to Mexico for the kids’ fall break this year. On the first 4 days of the cruise, we enjoyed our time on the ship. By day 5, we landed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and were ready get off the ship and see what was nearby.

Day 5 (Tuesday, October 9): Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We awoke to announcement that due to Hurricane Sergio, we were going to skip our destination to Mazatlan and travel straight to Cabo San Lucas after Puerto Vallarta. It was crazy to think that there was a hurricane nearby since the weather in Puerto Vallarta was sunny, warm, and gorgeous. We were disappointed because we were planning on participating in a beach excursion in Mazatlan. We were promptly refunded for our cancelled excursion and were also notified that anyone who scheduled an excursion through Norwegian at Cabo San Lucas would still be able to do it. This is one of the benefits of scheduling excursions through the cruise line. If there are any last minute changes, they will refund you or adjust the date to accommodate the change. You have to work it out yourself if you schedule outside the cruise.

Back to Puerto Vallarta… we ate our breakfast at the buffet and disembarked from the boat. Since we did not schedule any excursions, we just planned on exploring the area around our port. The first thing we saw was a little market right across the street. We bought some souvenirs and gifts for the nieces and nephew. The kids were excited to check out the shops and they both bought glass geckos.

We were hoping for a beach to hang out at, but there wasn’t one available, so we headed across the street to Liverpool Mall. LOL. We walked the mall and found a little trampoline park inside. We paid $12 for and hour of jumping for both kids. I’m not sure what prices are in your area, but this is a screaming deal for us! It was also so nice to have free Wifi. I caught up on emails and such while the kids were playing.

After the mall, we decided to head back to the ship. We swam at the pool and accidentally missed lunch at the buffet. Since we were staying on Arizona time, our meals were a bit off from the ship’s meal times. We made it work though. There are “snacks” on the next floor up, but they were not very vegan friendly. If it was fully stocked, we would have at least been able to eat a great salad, but it wasn’t so we ate the veggie we could find with some humus (which was delicious). This taught us to make sure we get to the meals at the correct times.

After lunch, the kids took a nap. Then we headed to the pool for swimming and ate dinner at the buffet. Overall, we found it a lot easier to eat at the buffet since we didn’t have to decide what we wanted the day before.

Day 6 (Wednesday, October 10): Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We started our day with the usual breakfast at the buffet and decided to explore the Cabo San Lucas on foot. This was a tender location, so we took the smaller boat from the ship. It was an absolutely beautiful ride and a lot of fun in itself. As we walked onto shore, we saw some interesting crabs. We did some shopping at the local shops and walked around the port area. There were tons of stores and boats that would take you out to the ocean. After walking around and checking out the port area, we headed back to the boat. We ate a delicious lunch and took advantage of the empty pool area with a swim and play in the splash pad. (Ok, I read a book while the kids and Victor played.) Next, we took a little nap before dinner.

The kids were really excited to head to the Splash Academy after dinner because it was Glow Night. The entire kids area was cover in neon type decorations and there were blacklights everywhere. The kids had a blast doing crafts and playing games in the fun atmosphere.  Victor and I also enjoyed our evening with drinks, watching an onboard game show and just relaxing.

Day 7 (Thursday, October 11): At Sea

Because of the itinerary change, this was an unexpected day at sea. When we woke up, it was really cloudy. For normal people, this might be upsetting on a cruise, but for us Phoenicians who really appreciate a nice cloudy day, we loved it. We woke up back in our normal time zone and headed to breakfast. The kids went to the kids club while Victor and I worked out. We tried to swim, but it turns out that the clouds made the water quite cold, so we opted to explore the boat further. We found an amazing replica of the boat and a restaurant with seating inside as close to the front of the boat as you can get. Even though we had been on the boat for 7 days already, there were still new things to find an explore.

After nap, we walked around more and ordered our cruise photos. (These cost extra.) The kids were excited to go to the Splash Academy after dinner because it was Jungle Night. They had a blast as usual and we retrieved them tired and happy.

Day 8 (Friday, October 12): At Sea

This was our last day on the cruise. It’s bitter sweet to walk around knowing tomorrow we would have to disembark. We had breakfast and sent the kids to the Splash Academy. It was circus day and the kids could not miss it. After working out, Victor and I picked up the kids and learned they were going to be participating in a circus for us that afternoon. Sienna’s face was painted like a tiger and Ethan was to be a clown! We quickly ate lunch and had the kids nap, so they would be rested for the performance.

We dropped the kids off at the Splash Academy and then went to the theater for their show. It was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Each age group did a different show from juggling to batons to plate spinning. It was so fun. Ethan got was a clown and was in multiple parts and Sienna was a tiger. Yes, the 3-5 year olds were “scary” tiger and it was the absolute cutest part! After the show, we all ate our last cruise dinner and the kids went to the Splash Academy for the last time. Victor wanted to go to the casino, so I packed everything up in peace and organization.

Day 9 (Saturday, October 13): Disembark

Norwegian gave a couple of disembarking options. If we chose to pick up our luggage outside of the ship, we could choose our time to disembark; however, if we carried our luggage off the ship ourselves, we could disembark first. We chose this option because we had other plans in mind. This went smoothly and we got of the ship easily and were able to quickly get a LYFT to get a rental car.

Although the cruise was over, our vacation was not done yet…


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