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10 Must Haves for an Airplane with Kids

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Since we fly often, we are experts at plane travel with kids, how to entertain them and what to bring. (That’s not to say that we haven’t had a meltdown here and there, but overall the kids know how to behave throughout the trip.) Here are the 10 things we always bring with us on a trip!

5 Great Things for the Kids to Bring

1-Backpack: I really like the Fox Toddler Backpack because it is small enough for the kids to carry, but big enough to hold the items they need. I pack a backpack for each kid with plenty of entertaining activities. They love to carry their own backpacks and it gives me less to carry.

2-Snack: Food can entertain the kids for ages. When they were little we did small cereal. Now they like Enjoy Life Chewy Bars and other snack bars like this.

3-Magnetic toy: I found this fun Tic Tac Toe Mini Game which is nice because it’s not messy and the kids love Tic Tac Toe.

4-Coloring book and crayons: Coloring book and crayons are fun for the kids to play with on the airplane. We stay away from markers since those can get pretty messy. This Coloring Books with Stickers Assortment has everything included!

5-Small toys that I don’t mind losing: This Matchbox 9-Car Gift Pack or stuffed toys like this Set of 12 Plush Animals are great options that the kids will love!

These items are great ways for the kids to start the trip. We play with the toys, they eat the snacks, and they stay entertained… at least for a bit. When the novelty of these toys wears off, we bring out more fun from our bag!

5 Items for Us to Bring

1-Kindle Fire Tablet: The kids each have a Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet with Case. Now, although we are not big TV people, we don’t worry about screen time on the airplane. The kids have games and a movie or two (depending on the length of the flight) available.

2-Headphones: We bring Kidz Gear Wired Headphones with a splitter to keep everything quiet and we let them enjoy the movie. They can play on their individual tablets or watch a movie together.

3-Wipes: We use these to wipe all surfaces when we sit down as well as clean the kids and any spills as necessary.

4-Emergency Change of Clothes: Bring an entire change of clothes for the kids accidents, spills, anything can happen. Also, bring at least a spare shirt for the adults. When Ethan was an infant, he threw up on Victor before a flight… twice! Luckily, Victor had a spare shirt handy and was able to change quickly.

5-Book: A book for me! If we planned everything correctly, Victor and I will play with the kids on the flight, but they will also entertain themselves and I will get a chance to read! I bring my Fire HD 10 Tablet, so I can read a couple of books during the trip.

With these items are prepared for a 1-hour trip to LA or a 6-hour trip to Honolulu!

What do you bring on your flights?


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