Why We Love LEGOLAND and the Water Park

While at LEGOLAND we visited the theme park and the water park were very happy with our experience there.

First of all, LEGOLAND is not huge. While there are plenty of rides and it’s not crowded, it was also easy to walk from one side of the park to the other. Also, we were very excited to discover that Ethan could do all of the rides at 47 inches and Sienna could do most rides (except a few rides in the Imagination Zone).

We went to Legoland without a plan. We decided to just walk in and figure it out from there. We downloaded the app used it to find rides with short wait time. When we first walked in we went to the left and found Lego Ninjago world. Lego Ninjago The Ride had a 20 minute wait, so we decided to ride that first. We did not know that 20 minutes for Lego Ninjago is a very short wait time as later in the day it was 45 minutes+.

The Imagination Zone had a few rides that Sienna was too short for; however, Victor and Ethan rode the Technic Coaster three different times and loved it!

In the Land of Adventure, the kids loved the smaller kids’ rides like the Beetle Bounce and Dune Raiders. There are three rides all right next to each other that the kids were either able to walk on or they had a 5 minute wait. We all rode the Lost Kingdom Adventure. Sienna and I actually rode it 3 times while waiting for Victor and Ethan to do the Technic Coaster. This ride even had a Lego play area in the middle of the line, so the kids didn’t have to just stand and wait.

Castle Hill had a lot of entertaining rides. There was a Royal Joust ride that was for kids only which Ethan and Sienna were excited to ride on their own. The Dragon Coaster, our favorite ride, was also in this area. It’s not a flip you over 3 times type roller coast, but it was fast, up-and-down, and Sienna was tall enough. The line was no more than 20 minutes at any time we visited.


Lego City: Deep Sea Adventure is just one ride. It’s a submarine ride that we also enjoyed. There are fish and also a seek and find game during the ride.

At Pirate Shores, we got wet. Not just a drop of water here and there; no, we got soaked. Splash Battle looks innocent enough, but do not be fooled. We were sprayed quite a bit and left wet. But the wettest ride we did was Pirate Reef. This ride does not mess around. You are soaked… head to toe soaked. You can enter from LEGOLAND or the waterpark, but either way I’d suggest wearing a swimsuit for this ride.


Fun Town has a variety of activities for the little ones. Sienna participated in Junior Driving School and Ethan in Driving School where they each received “driver’s licenses”. They did Skipper School, played in the Duplo Playtown, and rode a train.

In Lego Friends Heartlake City, Sienna and I rode the carousel while Ethan enjoyed the nearby splashpad.

Explorer Island had Coastersaurus, another fun roller coast. This one always seemed to have a longer line than the Dragon Coaster, probably because it is closer to the front. We also rode Safari Trek, and Fairy Tale Brook.

When you are at LEGOLAND, you also have to take some time to explore Miniland USA. The detail of the cities is just breathtaking. They even included a Star Wars Miniland nearby with different Star Wars scenes.


A couple of notes about LEGOLAND:

  • They offer a pass to avoid the lines on some of the more popular rides. We found this was not necessary for the time we were there. We just made sure to get to the more popular rides, like Lego Ninjago, when we first arrived.
  • You can purchase a photo pass for the ride photos. We just purchased the pass on the last day and did all of the rides with photos that day.

We also spent a day at Legoland Waterpark. The entrance to the park is inside of Legoland, so you have to purchase Legoland tickets and waterpark tickets to get in. We actually purchased park hopper tickets through Costco which saved us money versus buying them at full price with the hotel reservation.

The water park was pretty full. We rode the Pirate Reef ride, played in the wave pool, relaxed on the lazy river, and ran around different play areas. The lines were quite long, so we skipped the slides.

We spent three days at LEGOLAND and enjoyed it so much! We were able to ride the rides we loved multiple times and loved the short lines. I’d highly recommend LEGOLAND for younger kids.

What’s your favorite theme park?


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