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Dinner at Green New American Vegetarian

We went to Green New American Vegetarian Restaurant for Victor’s birthday in May. He’s eaten there previously, but the kids and I have not. We decided to go there to celebrate.  

We arrived at 4pm when the suicide lane (is that still what it’s called?) was being used. We had to drive a couple of extra blocks North in order to turn around on a side street and head to the restaurant going South. We were then able to make a right turn in to the restaurant. When we arrived, we found parking to be quite difficult. New Green Vegetarian Restaurant and Nami share a parking lot. There is minimal parking and the spaces are placed in an odd way. Overall, they try to get as many spaces as possible, but it may take a moment to find a space. If you are meeting anyone there, I would suggest carpooling rather than arriving separately.

When we walked in, this was a nice place with a great atmosphere. Some of the tables were even large community style type tables. They had a great outdoors space to eat as well.

The kids ordered a kidsadilla and burger with fries. I ordered a protein bowl and Victor ate the Big Wac. (Of course, I forgot to take pictures.) The had beer available to drink as well as tea and lemonade. We loved the different lemonade options and kids liked being about to get their own drinks at the counter.

We found a table and the food came out quickly. The kids loved their meals and I was so happy with my bowl.

Update: Since Victor’s birthday, we have gone back twice! Both times we have been pleased with the tasty food, fast service, and fun environment. This is a must try!


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