Disney World: Beach Club and Other Fun

In January 2018, we went to Disney World for the first time. This was the kids’ first time ever at a theme park and Victor and my first time in Disney World.  

To be honest, as I planner, I thought I would love getting ready for Disney World, but I felt quite paralyzed with the amount of planning that is done before hand. We chose our dining reservations 180 days before we went and our Fast Passes 60 days before we left. I ready everything I could about first time Disney World trips with kids. I checked out the planners that tell you when to go where and the order of the rides to make the most of your time. I had all of the meals planned where we can eat and what the best vegan food is at each place. After all of this, we ended up winging it… well, as much as I wing it in any situation. It was very helpful to have the vegan options and best restaurants to eat at. Also, we made it to all of the dining reservations. We ended up using the Disney World app to decide where to go and what had the shortest lines. Then we just paid attention to our already determined Fast Pass times. Our trip was awesome! We rode a ton of great rides, had awesome food, and were not stressed. It helped that we were there for 6 days, so we had plenty of time to explore each park.  

We stated that the Beach Club. This was a gorgeous resort located in walking distance of Epcot and a short boat ride to Hollywood Studios. On the day we needed to get to Magic Kingdom early, we opted to you the Minnie Van Service, which is reserved through the  LYFT app, rather than worrying about the bus system. We did take the bus to Animal Kingdom though. Overall, I found the transportation efficient and easy to use.

Since I’m going to share each park experience with you in additional posts, I’ll share some of the non-park fun we had here.

We flew in to Orlando late on Saturday night and did not want to waste any park time. Therefore, we stayed at the Dolphin resort (a Marriott Resort) that is on the Disney World property. Now it’s not a Disney World hotel, but it was the perfect place to stay the first night in order to quickly get to the hotel and park on the “first” day of our trip. The hotel had a gorgeous chandelier and was a perfect place to start our trip. It did not have the ideal buffet breakfast, but we were prepared with breakfast bars that we brought with us.


In the morning, we took the Disney shuttle to the Beach Club. Our room was not ready since we got there so early, but we were able to check our bags and explore the parks.


One of our favorite places to eat on this trip was Beach and Cream Soda Shop, right on the Beach Club property. As far as a vegan meal, they had a Beyond Burger and we subbed the typical bun for a vegan one. The kids ordered kids meals and subbed the Beyond Burger. I was disappointed that the kids’ burger did not come with lettuce, but they quickly brought some when we asked. Ethan and Sienna were super excited about the kids’ meal because it came with dessert. The staff was able to make the dessert completely vegan for them!


On Ethan’s birthday, we went to Minnie’s Beach Blast Breakfast at Cape May Café in Beach Club. After we informed them that we were vegan, the chef gave us a tour of the buffet and let us know what our options were. He even made vegan Mickey waffles for us and found a birthday dessert for Ethan!


While I was doing my ample research, I found that the kids could do a Pirate Cruise. It was for ages 4+ and they went on a pirate adventure searching for treasure. I actually brought snacks for the kids because I wasn’t sure if there would be any vegan options. They told me that due to allergies, the kids could not take them; however, they did let me look through the snack options and I was able to find some vegan crackers for the kids. They had an absolute blast cruising around, searching for treasure, and defeating the pirate. They even came home with the pirate hats and treasure. This was one of the most fun activities the kids participated in!


While the kids were cruising, Victor did homework, and I went to Downtown Disney. I was in search of Vegan cake for Ethan’s birthday. First, Downtown Disney is a lot more spread out that I expected and I had a little trouble finding Erin McKenna’s Bakery, (but that’s more because I can’t read a map… which is a whole different issue)! Once I found it, it was great to purchase vegan cupcakes for Ethan’s birthday! After I got those, I window shopped for a bit and headed back to pick up the kids from their cruise.


Finally, one evening Victor and Ethan decided to do a boy’s night, which just means that they went for a walk without us. They had the best time exploring the Boardwalk and even found a photo booth for some fun pictures.


We only explored a tiny portion of the activities outside of the parks. What we did find was fun kept us all entertained.


What “other” activities would you do on a Disney World vacation?

Check out more of our trip here: Adventures in Epcot, Magical Magic Kingdom, Best of Hollywood Studios, Experiences in the Animal Kingdom, and Delicious Vegan Options!


  • alison netzer

    We love the beach club and always stay there for it’s close proximity to epcot. i have the biggest soft spot for disney.

  • Kristi @ Way Beyond The Norm

    We haven’t stayed at the Beach Club…it’s on my bucket list…but we’ve eaten at Cape May Cafe for breakfast and at Beaches N Cream for lunch and dessert. They are both fabulous! I’m a total planner so we rarely wing it at Disney World…but there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Looks like y’all had a blast!

  • Jodie

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! I remember our first trip to Disney – the planning was a little overwhelming for me too! But you’re right, you get there and you wing it a bit and everything turns out great!

  • Jen Coleman

    We love staying in that area (the Epcot resorts). And we LOVE the pool at the Beach Club. The san part of it is perfect for our little guys who really could spend the entire day shifting sand from one spot to another. And I’m excited to hear that the cruise was so much fun. I’m just counting down the days until our youngest is old enough to go. Looking forward to hearing about your other Disney adventures!

  • Pam

    I love that Disney is so good with food – I have a tree nut allergy and it’s one of the few places I feel totally comfortable eating – one less thing to worry about while traveling! Sounds like you guys had a great time.

    • Erin

      Exactly! I can’t imagine have to eat in public places with a tree nut allergy. I’m so happy you were able to find great options there too!

  • Cat

    It’s great to hear how accommodating Disney can be with various diets.
    We’ve never stayed on the resort property but had a blast at their water park- Typhoon Lagoon! Next time we visit we’ll try one of their hotels.

    • Erin

      The kids would have loved that, but I don’t believe it was open in January. We’ll have to check it out next time!

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