Great Vegan Restaurants in Anahiem, CA

Since we were in the Anaheim area to go to Disneyland, we went to a couple of local places including two Veggie Grill location and Thuyền Viên Restaurant.

After getting off the plane, we were excited to go straight to Veggie Grill in Torrance. It was on the way to the hotel and the perfect place to get some dinner before driving to Anaheim. When we walked in, it appeared that the line was extremely long, but we were pleased to see that the cash register was just closer to the door and we expected and the line was only a few people deep. It was a busy restaurant, but the food came quickly and just as ordered.

Sienna ordered her favorite dish of mac and cheese and French fries. They even have a dessert of Oreos.

Ethan order the chick’n nuggets with fries. He loves dipping them in the vegan ranch and ate his whole meal.

I ordered a buffalo chick’n sandwich with mashed potatoes.

Victor ordered a Beyond Burger with fries.

After eating out a restaurants for 5 days in Disneyland, we needed a change, and actual vegan restaurant where we have more than one option.  We found Thuyền Viên Restaurant which is just a 2 mile drive from Disneyland Hotel. Since we did not have a rental car, Victor took and Uber there and back which was quick and less than $20 round trip. We chose to order a variety of items to share.

There was no true table or good place for the kids to eat in the hotel room. We made a space for them to eat on the floor and they were more than happy. They enjoyed the veggies and rice and veggie rolls!

Victor ordered the pho. Usually when we get it as takeout at home, Victor puts the veggies and broth in a large bowl; however, there was no bowl like that in the hotel. Victor, who loves to get creative with hotel room supplies, used the ice bucket for his pho! It was the perfect size and he made sure to use the liner.

On our way out of town, we wanted to get to Veggie Grill one more time. We got there as the restaurant opened and quickly got our food. We were all happy with the meal. Ethan choose a Beyond Burger this time and even kissed it when it was ready! Sienna ordered mac and cheese and veggies. Victor and I got our usuals, Beyond Burger and Buffalo Chick’n. You can’t mess with perfection.

We were very happy with our meals outside of Disneyland. If we had not been staying on site, we would have ventured to more non-Disney restaurants. Even though we were at the hotel, we still found a couple of gems!

Where do you like to eat when you are in Anaheim?

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